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Panel on Nutrition, Dietetic Products, Novel Food and Allergy

Published risk assessments by 27.04.2017

Risk assessments of "other substances" in food supplements and energy drinks
Risk assessments of
The Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety (VKM) has at the request of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority assessed the Health risk of 41 so-called "other substances" in food supplements and energy drinks.

«Other substances» are substances other than vitamins and minerals, with a nutritional and/or physiological effect on the body. “Other substances” are mainly added to food supplements, but may also be added to other foods and beverages, such as sports products and energy drinks. Ingestion of "other substances" in high amounts represents a potential risk for consumers.

At EU level, "other substances” remain largely unregulated. In order to ensure safe use of “other substances” many countries have regulated their use at a national level.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has recommended the Norwegian Ministry for health and care services to regulate the addition of “other substances” to food supplements and other foods at a national level. NFSA has suggested using the Danish regulation as a model while establishing a national regulatory framework. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has further suggested that the establishment of a list of substances with permitted maximal doses should be based on the products and substances found on the Norwegian market.
In preparation for an eventual regulation, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority has asked VKM to assess the safety of “other substances” found on the Norwegian market.

By 27th of April 2017 VKM has published risk assessments of 41 "other substances" in food supplements and/or in energy drinks:

• Caffeine
• CLAs
• Coenzyme Q10
• Collagen
• Creatine
• Curcumin
• D-glucurono-γ-lactone
• D-ribose
• Glysin
• Isoflavones
• Inositol
• Inulin
• L-arginin and arginin alfacetoglutarat
• L-aspartic acid
• L-carnitine_L-carnitine L-tartrate
• L-cysteine
• L-cystin
• L-citrulline
• L- and D-fenylanin
• L-glutamin
• L-glutamic acid
• L-histidin
• L-isoleucinee
• L-leucine
• L-lysine
• L-methionine
• L-proline
• L-serine
• L-threonine
• L-tryptofan
• L-tyrosine
• L-valine
• Lycopene
• Piperine
• Taurine

Risk assessment closed: 12.12.2016

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