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Risk assessment of sushi
Risk assessment of sushi
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Based on the accessible knowledge, there is no basis for recommending that sushi made from raw, fresh marine fish should be included on the list of food that pregnant women should avoid. This is the conclusion in a risk assessment conducted by the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety (VKM). If processed fish products like fermented fish, smoked salmon or smoked trout are included in sushi dishes, the risk will increase.

Consumption of sushi containing processed fish products represents the same risk for pregnant women as the consumption of these products alone.

Measures (such as dietary advice as suggested in the request from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority) should be imposed for sushi made of such processed products.

The panel on biological hazard was responsible for the risk assessment.

The risk assessment was published February 1st 2006.

Risk assessment closed: 01.12.2006

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