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Finalised risk assessments

Name Docnr Ordered Closed
It is unlikely that microorganisms in fertilising material will affect health or biodiversity 2017: 16 08.11.2016 29.06.2017
Comprehensive measures needed to eradicate Chronic Wasting Disease in Norway 02.03.2017 29.03.2017
Assessment of microorganisms used as other substances in food supplements 25.04.2016 06.12.2016
Unknown origin of Chronic Wasting Disease in Norway 30.06.2016
Health risk assessment of a food supplement containing Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis 11.03.2016
Assessment of the transfer of antimicrobial resistance between pets and humans in Norway 14.12.2015
Assessment of antimicrobial resistance in the food chains in Norway 14.12.2015
Guidelines for risk assessment of probiotic products in food 14.10.2014
Assessment of infant formula and follow-on formula supplemented with Lactobacillus fermentum CECT 5716 20.12.2013 09.10.2014
Assessment of three infant porridges and an infant formula containing probiotic bacteria Bifidobacterium lactis 20.12.2013 09.10.2014
Risk assessment of irrigation water used for cultivation of vegetables, fruits and berries 07.05.2014
Risk- benefit assessment of potassium chloride as replacement for sodium chloride 12/106 24.04.2014
Statement on the use of untreated manure containing raw sewage 13/104 08.05.2013 28.10.2013
Great hygienic effects from more strict requirements for the sheep slaughter 11/107 22.05.2012
Assessment of risk of introduction of Echinococcus multilocularis to mainland Norway and risk to human health 11/106 27.03.2011 15.02.2012
Assessment of benefits and risks of probiotics in processed cereal-based baby foods Lactobacillus paracasei ssp. paracasei F19 09/100 06.09.2010 23.06.2011
Statement on hygienic aspects of using sludge from the hatchery and sludge from fish farms as fertilizer and soil improver 10/106 01.10.2010 21.01.2011
Risk assessment of parasites in drinking water 08/105 20.06.2008 24.08.2009
Risk assessment concering health risk from the spreading of slurry 08/106 02.05.2008 21.08.2009
Risk assessment of QAC in cosmetics 08/109 03.04.2009 13.08.2009
Risk assessment of the use of probiotics on critically ill patients 07/112 22.10.2007 27.02.2009
Salmonella diarizonae in sheep 07/110 09.09.2008
Risk assessment of dried spices as a source of infection for intestinal pathogenic bacteria 07/111 10.06.2008
New risk assessment of the use of Lactobacillus rhamnosus (LGG) as an ingredient in infant formula and baby foods (II) 07/107 23.03.2007 15.06.2007
Risk assessment of E. coli in the Norwegian meat chain 06/106 25.10.2006 02.03.2007
Risk assessment on the use of triclosan in cosmetics – development of antimicrobial resistance in bacteria 07/103 04.12.2006 02.03.2007
Risk assessment of trade and consumption of raw milk and colostrum from other species 07/104 24.01.2007 02.03.2007
Risk assessment of sushi 05/105 01.12.2006
A qualitative assessment of the risks of transmission of microorganisms to humans resulting from the consumption of raw milk and raw cream in Norway 05/104 05.04.2005 16.02.2006
Health and environmental risk assessment – antibiotic resistance marker genes in genetically modified plants 05/312-5 11.02.2005 25.11.2005
Risk assessment on the use of triclosan in cosmetics 04/406 23.03.2004 31.01.2005