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Finalised risk assessments

Name Docnr Ordered Closed
Risk assessments of "other substances" in food supplements and energy drinks 12.12.2016
An overview of risk assessments of «Other Substances» 04.12.2014
Comments on the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS)’s opinion on the safety of aluminium in cosmetic products 14/403 29.04.2014 21.05.2014
Risk- benefit assessment of potassium chloride as replacement for sodium chloride 12/106 24.04.2014
Risk assessments of cyclamate, saccharin, neohesperidine DC, steviol glycosides and neotame from soft drinks, “saft” and nectar 21.11.2013 01.04.2014
Benefits associated with breastmilk clearly outweigh the risk presented by current levels of contaminants in breastmilk in Norway 10/003 14.12.2009 12.12.2013
Evaluation of local toxicity / irritation of vitamin A in cosmetics 13/405 29.04.2013 28.11.2013
Answers to objections from The Retinol Consortium to the “Risk Assessment of vitamin A (retinol and retinyl esters) in cosmetic products” 13/404 15.04.2013
Risk assessment of the exposure to aluminium through food and the use of cosmetic products in the Norwegian population 11/504 24.10.2012 05.04.2013
Risk assessment of furan exposure in the Norwegian population 10/404 20.08.2010 20.10.2012
Risk assessment of vitamin A (retinol and retinyl esters) in cosmetics 10/405 11.04.2011 22.08.2012
Evaluation of an application to use Fullerene C60 as a food additive 10/406 19.11.2010 17.12.2010
New information on ingredients in "energy drinks" – updated risk assessment 09/404 23.03.2009 11.05.2009