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Finalised risk assessments

Name Docnr Ordered Closed
Tuta absoluta will probably cause damage to the Norwegian tomato industry 09.06.2017 15.06.2017
Assessment of manure and digestive tract content from slaughterhouses as a pathway for weeds and plant pests 19.12.2014 15.11.2016
Risk assessment on cockspur in Norway 05.05.2015 31.05.2016
Risk assessment of the beetle Agrilus planipennis that attacks ash trees 14.10.2013 24.11.2014
Assessment of the effect of a risk reduction option of fire blight corresponding to the EU minimum requirements 13/905 11.09.2013 22.10.2013
Import of deciduous wood chips from eastern North America – pathway-initiated risk characterizations of relevant plant pests 11/909 30.08.2011 29.05.2013
Risk assessment of mycotoxins in cereal grain in Norway 10/004 21.09.2010 09.04.2013
Risk assessment of the bronze birch borer Agrilus anxius 05.07.2012
Pest risk assessment of apple proliferation phytoplasma (“Candidatus Phytoplasma mali”) 11/905 22.06.2011 15.03.2012
Risk assessment of Ralstonia solanacearum – brown rot on potatoes from the Netherlands 09/906 05.01.2010 06.12.2010
Pest risk assessment of Phytophthora fragariae in Norway 09/905 30.11.2009 14.09.2010
Risk assessments of three Liriomyza species 09/904 01.09.2009 25.03.2010
Pest risk assessment of wild oats in Norway 07/906 27.03.2007 17.12.2008
Pest risk assessment concerning import of “Jumping Beans” to Norway 08/905 21.02.2008 02.07.2008
Pest risk assessment of the small spruce bark beetle (Ips amitinus) in Norway 07/905 05.01.2007 04.06.2008
Pest risk assessment of the Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus in Norway 07/207 20.07.2007 12.02.2008
Pest risk assessment of fire blight in Norway 06/211 22.07.2006 09.02.2007